CnC Holsters LLC was founded early 2013.

Clark started his adventure in the kydex holster world due to his sometimes stubborn "can do" attitude. Everything he lays his hand on comes with an idea to make it better. He carried a popular hybrid holster for his first holster. It was comfortable and did the job well. One day a friend of his got a new all kydex holster to support his Glock 19 with a Streamlight TLR-1 to wear IWB (this is where the can-do attitude came in).

That very next week Clark placed an order for supplies, which ended up costing an arm and a leg more than what he could've just bought a kydex holster for. Being stubborn the process went on. After receiving everything needed finally a kydex holster was created. UGLY! Back to the drawing board. After countless hours and lots of grief from the wife progress started being made. Finally a "useable" kydex holster. 

Fast forward to today and all of our holsters are CAD designed to create a perfect fit. The in house CNC is used to bring the CAD models to life, which creates perfect consistency.

Thank you for considering us to be apart of your day to day basis,

CnC Holsters LLC