Keroman V2 Glock 17/19/22/23/34/35 IWB Kydex Holster

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This quality Kydex holster features our CNC Quick Ship technology, CAD designed, and CNC cut for the perfect precision holster. 

 Keroman V2 Feautres:

-Fits Glock 19/23/17/22/34/35 with Surefire X300U A or B or Stremlight TLR-1 and also accommodates most compensators for a Roland Special Build!

-Cut for RMR clearance, and also for forward mounted rear sights that are in front of the rmr.

-Industry best trigger guard protection for light bearing holsters.

-Integrated grip tuck feature commonly known as the "claw" is now a little larger and taller to help tuck the grip even more. Don't be fooled by copies, the Keroman V2 has specific geometry to make our integrated claw outperform others on the market.

-Integrated wedge on the backside of the holster. This replaces our foam wedge. It will never wear out, nor stick to any clothing and provides the same effects as the foam wedge.

-New sight channel shape to accommodate the use of dual loop/strut or overhook clips and to create a more ergonomic shape to the holster.

-Surefire DG switch capable

-Adjustable retention


Attachment options:

-RCS Overhook clips, These are a high quality solution to clip on holsters and also allow the holster to become tuckable.

-RCS Soft Loop Struts, These will allow you to use soft loop attachments while being able to be tuckable.

-Hard Mounted Soft Loops, This option will come with 2 Pull-The-Dot, rubber coated nylon, soft loops attached direct to the holster.



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Reviews (8)

Michael 16th Aug 2017

the search is over

I've been carrying appendix for about 3 years and have used several other holsters. The Keroman V2 gives me the best balance of concealability and access of any other holster I've owned or tried. High quality craftsmanship and fast delivery at an outstanding price. I'll definitely buy again.

Mike 8th Aug 2017

Great quality, belt loops leave something to be desired

The Holster took almost a month to get after I ordered it, but I don't mind waiting for a quality product and I know its a small buisness so I'm ok with that. If YOU need it in a hurry though something to consider. I was pleased with the holster when it arrived. The only negative was the belt clips weren't on (they are adjustable so I get it). They are simple button loops which I wasn't that happy with. For the price, they should come with tuckable overlooks I think. I'll be ordering some after market from raven concealment systems for $19.00. Overall, I paid for. a holster and the quality is terrific. This is a holster I hope to have for many years to come.

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Additional Info

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