Keroman V3 Glock 17/19/22/23/34/35 IWB Kydex Holster

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This quality Kydex holster features our CNC Quick Ship technology, CAD designed, and CNC cut for the perfect precision holster. 

 Keroman V3 Feautres:

-Gen5 compatible

-Fits Glock 19/23/17/22/34/35 with Surefire X300U A or B or Stremlight TLR-1 and also accommodates most compensators for a Roland Special Build!

-Cut for RMR clearance, and also for forward mounted rear sights that are in front of the rmr.

-Industry best trigger guard protection for light bearing holsters.

-Integrated grip tuck feature commonly known as the "claw" is now a little larger and taller to help tuck the grip even more. Don't be fooled by copies, the Keroman V3 has specific geometry to make our integrated claw outperform others on the market.

-Integrated wedge on the backside of the holster. This replaces our foam wedge. It will never wear out, nor stick to any clothing and provides the same effects as the foam wedge.

-New sight channel shape to accommodate the use of dual loop/strut or overhook clips and to create a more ergonomic shape to the holster.

-Surefire DG switch capable

-Adjustable retention


Attachment options:

-Hard Mounted Soft Loops, This option will come with 2 Pull-The-Dot, rubber coated nylon, soft loops attached direct to the holster.

-RCS Soft Loop Struts, These will allow you to use soft loop attachments while being able to be tuckable.


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Reviews (13)

Bradley Bond 18th Feb 2018

Great holster for concealed carry

This has been my primary carry holster for a highly modified Glock for the last 4 months now and it has been great. I really like where the RCS Hooks ride. It gives me a nice draw without too much interference from my belt, as there is enough room to get a full firing grip. I carry strong side IWB. No complaints here.

David 28th Jan 2018

17L with TLR-1 IWB Holster.

I ordered a holster post Self Defense Incident. Sadly my EDC ended up as evidence due to my defending myself, in dire need of holster I was referred here by a friend who works with a good tactical school as it's nigh impossible to find a 17L IWB holster, let alone a light bearing one. Communication was good, some delay so it took a while, especially being custom. IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT. I seriously plan to order another just to have a spare. My only complaints are that it really needs a outer shield, The front most belt loop attachment area contacts the firearm and scrapes the slide, it should have been relieved in the area further to make this impossible even if it flexed, so sadly it's even worse when I reholster due to holster flex. Relieving the area would also allow a good shelf for the top of the pants to rest behind the belt loops to prevent stress on the way they are mounted. Another tiny gripe is the holes for the loop attachments could be riveted to prevent the kydex from cracking. I love the other little facets of the design, like the ledge over the trigger guard area that the pants/belt rests along and the odd shaped area on the body side of the holster that stabilizes it against the body. I have run this holster very hard now and it's held up great, definitely my favorite, though if I order another one I would have to have it where the belt loop hardware on the inside of the holster wasn't scratching my pistol and definitely an outer guard, with a 34/17L bearing a light it really needs the guard to funnel the firearm better. Only giving 4 stars because even on low quality holsters, the loops/clip/whatever mounting screws are always properly recessed on the inside of the holster, and on this high quality example they are not. I can tell that your standard design DOES NOT HAVE THIS ISSUE, so readers, do not worry about the loop hardware issue I mentioned, it only applies to my individual holster. I very much appreciate you making me a holster, maybe I can come up there one day with my pistol and we can do a full on custom one for me using my 17L as a pattern and we can build some holsters together. :] These holsters are definitely built to handle the vigor of rough every day carry and advanced pistol/rifle classes. Also, I put on some blade tech brand snaps and it seemed to help the issue, as they are a bit thicker so it stopped the screw itself from scratching my gun, but the female chicago end still does due to the design of the area.

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Additional Info

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