Bomber Mag Carrier

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Introducing the Bomber Mag Carrier. Developed and tested specifically to avoid the known issues with carrying an additional magazine like flopping out of your waistline, not holding your preferred cant adjustment throughout the day, and additional thickness due to mounting attachments. With the dual soft loops angle mounted to the side of the carrier that pulls the mag carrier into your body for better concealment. Slotted holes allow you to fine tune cant and ride height with up to 18 degrees of cant or .7" of height adjustment. Comfortable 2 piece design to take away any sharp corners and edges for all day carry. Will fit all 9/40 double stack magazines and is ambidextrous.


Additional Note: The Bomber is designed to be used with only full size magazines or larger (17rd for 9mm, or 15rd for 40s&w minimum) because who carries a tiny reload?



-Dual Offset Soft Loop attachment

-Slotted Cant/Ride Height adjustment holes

-Comfortable two piece design

-All 9/40 Double Stack Magazine fitment


-Flared Opening


***Bomber Mag Carriers will start shipping 7/7/17***


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Roy 31st Jul 2017

Quality product but doesn't work well for my body

The fit and finish on the product are great and I have no complaints about the quality of the product. I'm not crazy about how deep the mags seat as they're hard to aquire a good grip to remove them ( I'm running glock 17 mags). The bigger issue for me really is that the products fault, it simply doesn't work with my body shape. No matter where I seem to put it I feel it digging into my leg/hip. I honestly think that's a product of my body more than the product though. I've been running iwb for my gun for years without issue but this is my first try with an iwb mag carrier and I think my gut pushes the mag slightly out at the top which twists the bottom into me. Maybe a longer body on the pouch would mitigate this some. In the end I rated 4 stars because the product itself is just was what it's advertised to be. It would have gotten 5 but I don't like how far down the mag seats.

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